Always in good hands

My passion for animals started when I was very young, training dogs and horses on the family farm. I began formal study of Dog Training and Behaviour in 1994 and have studied extensively, gaining a wealth of specialist knowledge, expertise and training skills. I continue to attend seminars and courses to keep up with my professional development and offer you the most up to date education in dog training and behaviour.

Victoria Cooper


About Victoria

Victoria is dedicated in supporting and coaching dog owners. She is an experienced, qualified and Certified Canine Behaviourist and Dog Trainer with over 25 years experience in teaching people how to train their dogs.

Her mission is to guide you in building a trusting harmonious relationship with your dog. Victoria has specialist skills and knowledge in overcoming various behaviour problems and helping reactive dogs. She also worked as a freelance Behaviour Consultant with the Sheffield (RSPCA) Animal Shelter and has been consulted as behaviour expert by Sheffield Dog Rescue and Rain Rescue. She has also worked with various solicitors to act as Expert Witness in several Dangerous Dogs court cases.

Victoria is a full member of the International Canine Behaviourists, ICB and a Certified Canine Behaviourist with the International Companion Animal Network ICAN as well as a member of the Pet Professional Guild  And is listed with the Kennel Club.

These organisations represent professional accredited and qualified behaviourists and dog trainers.

Meet the team

Victoria has a team of Instructors who work alongside her offering various services. Our Instructors are qualified, skilled and accredited in kind, and fear free dog training techniques that will help your dog to develop the life skills needed to be a part of your family.



Scentwork & Agility Instructor

Kat is one of our qualified and accredited freelance instructors. She teaches Scentwork UK courses, Agility and level 2 courses, as well as 1-1 training. Her companions are Vizslas, Chilli and Kobi.

Carol Ashmore FdSc

Carol Ashmore FdSc

Runs Bullseye Dog Training in north Sheffield & Doncaster

Carol is another of our freelance Instructors. She is qualified with a Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training. She teaches at our Handsworth and Norton venues and works alongside Victoria in running the Reactive Rover Support Group.

Susy Lastra-Jackson

Susy Lastra-Jackson


Susy Lastra- Jackson is one of the newest members of the team of Instructors and is currently studying a diploma in Canine Science and Dog Training. She has a degree in teaching and has coached and mentored students for 15 years in secondary and sports education. She has covered many training courses with her own dog, Ringo the GSD and has done a lot of research on Canine Body Language and Socialisation. Susy Owns and runs D.O.G.S. Club, a dog walking, pet sitting, and group socialisation business.

Shirley Warriss

Shirley Warriss

Administrator & Puppy Parenting Instructor

Shirley is our Administrator and Puppy Parenting Instructor, as well as assistant in various classes. She has attended several courses on puppy behaviour and development and offers the Puppy Parenting home visits.

Training Team

Training Team

We have many experienced and qualified assistant trainers who coach and support in our classes.

Training Ethics

Our methods are KIND, FUN and FEAR FREE!

We use positive reinforcement with a strong emphasis on animal welfare combined with in depth and underpinning knowledge of canine behaviour and training.

We do not condone or use physical corrections or aversive equipment such as choke chains, prong collars, rattle cans or slip leads. Our classes and 1-1 lessons are fun, informal and enjoyable for you and your dog. We are proud members of several professional organisations that represent Force and Fear Free Trainers and we aim to teach you to understand your dog’s behaviour so that you can build a trusting cooperative relationship.
Our motto is “Train me – don’t blame me!”