Puppy Life Skills - Level 1 @ Norton

The Foundation course of essential life skills to include socialisation, and basic training for puppies from age 10-19 weeks  

This is a 6 week course including the Induction Theory class on week 1, and is designed for all puppies from around 10 weeks of age (or after the 1st vaccination) and under the age of 19 weeks at the start of the course.

We cover all aspects of puppy behaviour as well as the basic training exercises to help lay the foundations of a loving, lasting and healthy relationship between you and your puppy.

The course helps your puppy grow into a well-rounded, robust dog; one that is capable of dealing with everyday life and learning. This includes;

  • Socialisation – "I can be confident and sociable around strangers and other dogs"
  • House training - "I can be clean"
  • Puppy Biting - " I can be gentle" 
  •  Focus and Self Control - "I can listen" 
  • Body Handling for grooming and vet care - "I like to be touched
  • Impulse Control and Food manners - " I can be patient and have manners"
  • Playing and giving up toys - " I know the rules and have self control"
  • Settling down - " I can be calm" 
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Coming when called
  • Sitting, lying down and standing when asked.  
  • Problem solving

Cost: £75.   To include the Induction Theory lesson and a Training and Behaviour Manual.

7 dogs per class

Course Details

Course Starts 8th March 5:45 pm
Total places 7
Available places 1
Price £75.00
Induction class Thursday 1st March 6pm @Unstone
Chantrey Centre, Norton
25 Matthews Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S8 8JS, UK Sheffield, South Yorkshire S8 8JS United Kingdom
Chantrey Centre, Norton
£75.00 1