Stress and Body Language Seminar

Stress and Body Language in Dogs.


Why Worry? Stress in dogs, the causes, recognition and what to do” 

This one day seminar is suitable for both owners and dog professionals including vet nurses and vets. It will look at the most common causes of stress in dogs – what really is stress in dogs and what are the possible outcomes including unwanted behaviour development such as excessive barking or even aggression, and its contribution to certain medical disorders such as allergies, infections and perception of pain.  Recognising stress in dogs needs a good understanding of body language too, so the morning of this seminar will have a good look at the most up to date understanding of dog communication.

The number of dogs developing behaviour problems that result in a breakdown in the pet-owner relationship, rehoming,  and sadly even euthanasia, is constantly on the increase.  The afternoon of this seminar will explore practical options of what we can do to alleviate the stress in our dog’s lives, helping to both prevent and to resolve behaviour issues. 

About Amber:   Amber Batson is a vet and clinical behaviourist, having qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1999.  Amber has undertaken a number of behaviour qualifications and has been working as a behaviourist since 2000 including teaching behaviour qualifications to professionals.

Amber works part time in veterinary practice, alongside teaching world wide behaviour and welfare in dogs, cats and horses.  She also works as a legal expert witness to help resolve animals welfare issues.

Amber presents up to date scientific information in an easy to understand, practical format with her goal to help animals and their owners / carers enjoy happier, healthier lives together.



Course Details

Course Starts 22nd April 10:30 am
Course Finish Date 22nd April 4:30 pm
Total places 30
Available places 23
Price £65.00
Induction class 1 day workshop @ RSPCA Sheffield
RSPCA Sheffield
2 Stadium Way, Sheffield S9 3HN, UK
RSPCA Sheffield
£65.00 23