Congratulations !!   You're expecting a baby.... but is your dog ready to share your attention and welcome the new member of the family?


 Many new parents feel overwhelmed with their new baby and the worries of helping their family dog to adapt.  May mums are understandably very maternal and protective and worry that the family dog will hurt the baby, but with the right tuition and support, we can held your dog to adapt and even enjoy the new arrival.  We offer pre and post baby support and training visits in the comfort of your own home,  to help you to train your dog to accept the new arrival.  Our experienced and accredited behavioural trainers will guide you through pre baby preparations or post baby support in teaching you how to create a safe and supervised interactions between your dog and your child. 


This service consists of an initial home assessment, £50 followed by a course of tailor made lessons in your home or where needed. £130

Dogs can experience a variety of emotional and psychological disorders, which can occur or are caused by either negative experiences, medical problems, or by genetics influences or health problems.  Victoria is a reputable and experienced dog behaviour counsellor with accredited qualifications, offering help and support to owners of problem dogs.

Vets and rescue centres in the Chesterfield and Sheffield areas regularly refer owners to Victoria for Behaviour Counselling so if your dog has any of the following problems, please call to discuss or send an enquiry via the enquiry page.

Behaviour problems include:

  • Nervous, defensive, reactive, aggressive or antisocial behaviour towards people or other dogs
  • Sound phobias, including firework and thunder fears
  • Generalised fear, including agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) and depression
  • Coprophagia (eating poo!)
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviours including shadow and light chasing, tail chasing etc
  • Separation anxiety leading to destruction, housetraining issues or excessive vocalisation
  • Destruction and boredom issues
  • Resource guarding - food, toys, locations, owners etc.
  • Territorial aggression
  • Excessive attention seeking, leading to over dependency


Behaviour problems are complex and variable. Incorrect advice and punishing techniques can cause them to escalate. If your dog has any of the above, please contact Victoria for advice. Victoria will liaise with your vet in overcoming behaviour problems, which might include the supporting use of medication.

Includes a tailor made behaviour modification and training plan, and after service email or phone coaching as required for 3 months post consultation.

Fee: £160 includes the 2 hour at home consultation and a tailor made training plan sent to you following the consultation along with 3 months telephone or email support following consultation.   Please note:Follow up 1-1 training as detailed above may also be necessary for ongoing rehabilitation of dogs with certain problems.