Vital socialisation and ‘life skills’ training course for puppies from age 10 to 20 weeks of age. (up to 20 weeks for small or timid puppies).

 This is a 6 week course including the Induction Theory class and is designed for all puppies from around 10 weeks of age (after the 1st vaccination) and under the age of 20 weeks at the start of the course. We cover all aspects of puppy development and social behaviour, and teach your puppy vital Life Skills as well as the basic training exercises, including:

  • Socialisation – what it is and how best to teach your puppy to be a sociable, confident and calm dog. Including careful positive introductions to adult dogs, children, strange noises, unfamiliar objects and floor surfaces and strangers.
  • House training
  • Puppy Biting
  • Jumping up
  • Walking on the lead
  • Coming when called
  • Sit, Lie Down and Stand for grooming and vet care
  • Food manners
  • Meeting and Greeting people and other dogs
  • Grooming, handling, diet and health care
  • Controlled and supervised interactions and play with other puppies
  • Problem solving


Cost: 6 week course £75 Includes the Theory Induction lesson and a Training and Behaviour manual.  8 puppies per class. Bookings taken on the Book a course page. 

Are you a new puppy owner?   Are you overwhelmed?!

 Does your puppy bite, pee, chew things, jump up and cry at night?   Do you have young children who need guidance on how to be safe and sensible around the new puppy?   We can help you!  

Our at home sympathetic and supportive advice service is tailor made for the new puppy owner, and will help with common subjects such as house training, crate training, biting, temper tantrums, being home alone, diet, and early learning. 


£60 per visit (1.5 hours) within a 10 mile radius of Sheffield S8 (Please contact us to inquire)

  A 6 week course designed for adolescent puppies from age 5  to 12 months of age.

This is a 6 week course including the Induction Theory class and is designed for all puppies from around 5 months to 12 months of age.  Adolescence is a tricky time for puppy and owner, with lots of challenging behaviours to deal with, increasing independence, hormones, chewing, physical and emotional development and selective deafness!   If your puppy has not attended the Puppy life Skills and you've only just started training it, this is the course for you.  We help you to understand your puppy, teach it new skills, control its impulsive behaviour and work on good manners as well as basic obedience.  We aim to cover the following subjects;

  • Puppy Biting and mouthing for attention
  • Jumping up and greeting people
  • meeting and greeting other dogs nicely.
  • Boisterous behaviour
  • Walking on the lead
  • Coming when called
  • Sit, Lie Down and Stand for grooming and vet care
  • Food manners
  • impulse control
  • focus and self control.

 The course starts with an  Induction Theory class and cost £75 including the Training and Behaviour Manual and homework sheets.   We take 6-8 dogs per class.  Full Details on the Group Training page. 

 These are the stage 2 'Follow on' courses of further learning for all puppies and juniors who have attended our stage 1 courses or a basic course with another training provider


Aiming to improve and perfect on the Life Skills stage 1 that you have completed.  We also introduce Clickers as an aid to training at this level.

 We cover a variety of exercises and improve on what has been taught at level 1. 

Loose Lead Walking



 Focus and Self Control



Clicker Training tasks

Stays and much more. 


 Cost: £65 for the 5 week course. 8 dogs per course. Includes hand outs. 

Our Graduates Advanced Courses are designed for those owners wanting to learn more and get more out of their relationship with their dogs.  


Advanced training courses include Fun and Functional learning games, Focus and Impulse Control, Tricks, Body Language Skills,  On and Off lead exercises and advanced training.


The Silver and Gold Good Citizen Scheme is optional at this level. and The APDT Good Companion Awards for those who like to work towards target certificates. 


Cost: £65 for the 5 week course. 8 dogs per group.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the UK’s largest dog training program. The scheme promotes responsible ownership by teaching owners how to train their dogs for everyday life situations. Each course progressively develops an owners and dogs understanding of each other and builds a dog’s confidence and level of companion obedience. Any dog can take part as long as it is SOCIABLE with other dogs and strangers.  


The course curriculum is set by the Kennel Club and standards are independently assessed at the end of the course by a Kennel Club assessor. If your dog attains this standard, it is awarded a certificate from the Kennel Club at that level. We offer the KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme at all 4 levels, from Puppy Foundation through Bronze and onto the advanced levels at Silver and Gold. Our Perfect Pooches course is the Bronze Level of the Good Citizen Scheme.


Cost: £75 for the 5 week course. 8 dogs per group.

 Victoria has gained many specialist skills to assist you in training your reactive dog.   These tailor made rehabilitation lessons are for those dogs who are sensitive and reactive towards other dogs, traffic, strangers, or other animals.


This is a specialist field of behavioural training known as BAT ( Behaviour Adjustment Training) as well as implementing other training programs and skills to improve a dogs confidence and focus on the owner around a variety of triggers for reactivity.    The dog and owner is supported as an individual in order to achieve the most effective results.  Reactivity towards other dogs and unfamiliar situations is usually fear based.   We use EFFECTIVE, POSITIVE and FORCE FREE training techniques to teach the 'troubled' dog a set of skills which is designed to reduce fear, anxiety, frustration and therefore, reactivity.  


This process takes time and 100% consistent commitment to the training program from the owner in order to achieve the results they want from their dog.  We do not have a magic wand and there are no quick fixes when working with troubled dogs but we will do our very best to guide and support you.     You will need to comply to the training program in order to get the results you want. 


Assessment lesson: £80 (1.5 hours at your home depending on your location)  followed by a series of 4 lessons, usually 1 per week or per fortnight following the initial assessment  £180.  Please note: Some dogs might need more than 1 course. 


Group training courses are not for everyone or every dog.  So we recommend 1-1 tailor made lessons with a People and Dogs accredited Trainer.  


1-1 dog training is ideal for:

  • Dogs that are easily distracted, unruly in group courses or out of control in public areas
  • Dogs that would benefit from confidence building exercises and do better with a 1-1 approach. 
  • Dogs on the waiting list for group courses
  • Owners who work shifts or who are unable to attend set courses.  
  • Owners who need that little bit of extra help.
  • Owners who are apprehensive about group courses. 
  • Specialist lessons such as Gun Dog Training, Assistance Dog or Agility. 

In 1-1 training you benefit from individual specific help and your dog is systematically trained in environments with natural distractions such as parks, towns and countryside.  


Lessons start with an assessment visit to observe and assess your dog and discuss the problems in depth with you.  Fee £60 (1.5 hours) within 10 miles of Sheffield S8.  This assessment is then followed by practical lessons in the environment in which you need it. Be that the local park or at your home. Fee: £160 for 4 lessons  


 We can also offer 1-1 SKYPE lessons for owners who live too far away for us to travel to.  Skype calls can cover a variety of topics, from puppy behaviour to some problems solving. . Please call or email us if you'd like to set up a Skype appointment.  £20 for half an hour. 

Fun Agility courses to teach your dog body confidence, focus, impulse control and lots of fun exercise with your dog.  These are non competitive courses ideal for the pet dog.   Courses take place at Snowden Riding School, Marsh Lane. 

  To book a place on these courses your dog should be over 10 months of age (small breeds) or 12 months of age (large breeds) and MUST be sociable with other dogs both on and off lead and come when called.   They should be trained up to an intermediate level with People and Dogs or with another reputable training provider 

Please enquire for details or check the Group Course Calendar for courses.