Terms & Conditions – Group Class Training

Course Duration

Our Puppy and Junior courses consist of a mandatory online induction (on Zoom) followed by 5 weekly class lessons.

During the induction we will teach you some foundation skills in preparation for your practical lessons, and discuss how we will train your dog, what equipment to use and some problem solving. Please DO attend!

Intermediates and graduates consist of 5 weekly class lessons. For all other courses and workshops, please check course details.


Our courses are held at one of our five venues:

  • Dronfield – Outside on our training field
  • Unstone – Unstone Community Centre Hall
  • Norton – The Chantrey Centre
  • Renishaw – Renishaw and Spinkhill Community Centre
  • Meersbrook United Reform Church


If you have mobility issues, please check with our admin team before booking to ensure the training location suits your needs. There are no facilities on the field or disabled access. For outside training please dress accordingly for all weather conditions and the uneven ground of the field.


If you are going to be absent, please inform your instructor. Your homework will be e-mailed to you as normal. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer an alternative class.

Dog Illness

If your dog is unable to attend class, you can still attend without your dog. After all we are teaching YOU how to train your dog.

Dogs in Season

Dogs in season should not attend our indoor class lessons. You can still attend without your dog.


Please check the course criteria suits your dog prior to booking and note that no refunds are given after booking except in exceptional circumstances.

Rescue Dogs

If you have a recent rescue dog, please contact our admin team before booking. The welfare of your dog is paramount, and we need to assess whether group class lessons are appropriate for your dog


You are booking a complete course of learning, please check dates as we are unable to transfer between classes.


You will be sent information on what to bring to class, please read carefully. It is your responsibility to make sure you have all required equipment for each class. We recommend packing your equipment in a backpack and bringing everything you need to each class.


The leads and harnesses we recommend are for the welfare of your dog. It will not be possible to teach certain skills without some of this equipment. We do not recommend or use chain leads, extending leads, slip leads, figure of 8 leads, or bungee leads. We understand that for growing puppies, harnesses can be expensive; however, this equipment is an investment in their training and will protect the delicate organs in the neck. We recommend Bradway Pet shop Sheffield S8 for harness fittings.

Changes to Classes

In the event of extreme weather, on government advice, or for other reasons out of our control, lessons will either be held online on Zoom or postponed. Details of any changes will be sent by e-mail and will also be posted on the relevant Facebook group. Please check before you set off to class.

Child Handlers

For us to provide safe and effective training for all, the following must be observed:

  • Children must be over 5 years of age.
  • No more than 2 children per booking.
  • Parents are responsible for the wellbeing and behaviour of their children at all times (we are not insured for minors)
  • Children must not touch, stroke or approach other dogs.
  • No running or shouting.
  • No eating during class.
  • 1 person at a time will train their puppy. This includes holding the lead, holding and delivering treats and giving directions to the pup.
  • When not training, other members of the family must sit/stand calmly and quietly without interacting with the puppy or the handler.

Second Handlers

Where more than one person attends with their dog, please make sure that only 1 handler at a time is training. This includes holding the lead, holding the rewards, and giving instruction. This is to avoid confusion for your dog.


All current rules regarding COVID-19 must be observed. In the case of enforced isolation, homework and video links will be sent to replace training covered in that lesson. Unfortunately, we cannot replace these classes. In the case of further lockdowns, training will continue on Zoom.

Consent for Use of Likeness

You agree and accept that People and Dogs are authorised to record, photograph, or otherwise capture likeness and images of your dog and yourself, made in connection with your participation in your course. You hereby assign to People and Dogs all rights, title, and interest to have and to use, royalty free, any such likeness or portion of, for documentary, informational, training, advertising, or any other lawful purpose.