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    I can personally recommend this organisation! I have a very lively 3 year old Golden Retriever (Poppy, whom I simply adore!) I did puppy classes with Poppy (not with People & Dogs), then did another class for young dogs (with a 2nd dog trainer) and don’t get me wrong, they were ok. Poppy has a great temperament with people (especially children) and she would do the usual sit, stand, lie, stay. But for me the basics were still not there. Mainly lead walking and recall. Until 6 months ago only myself and my Dad could not walk Poppy as she was simply too strong and pulled like crazy. We spent hours and pounds on training with 3 different trainers using regular leads, halti’s, harnesses, but to no success. I was even told by one trainer that Poppy will always be like this because she gets so excited to go out or on a walk!!
    A friend recommended People & Dogs, and I reluctantly contacted them - it was very much a last resort. That was 6 months ago, and now Poppy walks beautifully on a loose lead, never, ever pulling. Her recall is now 100% consistent. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t happen overnight, and it required effort and commitment from me, but it has been totally worth it, and worth every penny.
    I think what impressed me most about People & Dogs was their exceptional knowledge and understanding about dog behaviour and this was so evident in everything they taught me. I am in the process of looking for another dog/puppy and as soon as I know when I will be getting one People and Dogs will be the first people I contact. I have since recommended friends to People & Dogs and have heard nothing but 'good things' about them.

    • Miss K Tute. Sheffield. Poppy Golden Retriever
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    I came across the People and Dogs website, and was impressed with the high level of specialist qualifications held by the proprietor, Victoria Cooper, as well as the promise to work with owners to solve aggression problems. I was also attracted by the fact that People and Dogs stated that they would undertake a full assessment into the aggression problems, as these were complicated and individual to each situation, and then develop a full and detailed plan of approaches to be used as a way forward.
    I have to say that the professionalism and understanding offered by Victoria Cooper in helping us to resolve the aggression problems we were experiencing with Jack has been outstanding. Victoria was never judgemental or chastising of us, despite the fact that (as we learnt) we were the main cause of Jack’s aggression due to the confrontational ways in which we were treating him. Instead, Victoria helped us to see that the techniques, advised by a previous 'trainer' had caused Jack to feel frightened of us, and that his growling was his way of getting us to keep our distance. To this end, we stopped using these aggressive confrontational techniques immediately and completely, replacing them with positive reinforcement. All commands were given in a confident and cheerful voice, and praise and/or treats given when Jack completed the command.
    These simple methods changed Jack’s behaviour overnight, and the growling completely disappeared. As time has gone on, Jack has become more and more relaxed around us, and is noticeably happier. I cannot begin to express how grateful we are to Victoria Cooper for helping us to resolve Jack’s problems, as we had reached a point where we couldn’t see how we could continue to keep him as we really felt that we had tried everything. I only wish that we had approached Victoria and People and Dogs in the first instance, and I certainly realise the importance of working with a fully qualified trainer rather than one of the many unqualified people who seem to think that they can offer expert guidance in this complex field. Both we and Jack have been very lucky in achieving a happy outcome, as without the help of People and Dogs, this could have been a very different and sad story!!

    • M.Sheardown and Jack the Border collie
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    Hi Victoria, I just wanted to give you an update on Sadie’s progress. Over the last month she has come on in leaps and bounds. She is becoming much calmer and seems to be really happy. She is now fabulous with the children, virtually no jumping up or mouthing. She has stopped stealing and comes when called. It has been a really hard four months for all of us and there have been many times when Judith and I thought we had made a big mistake in taking her on. Now we can see what a lovely family pet she is going to be. She is a bright little thing and it seems that the more she learns, the happier she is. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for helping this Barnsley stray to find her place in our family

    • Mr and Mrs Cook, Sheffield
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    I was at my wits end with my Border terrier scrappy, she was generally unruly and after showing aggression towards other dogs and then on one occasion a friends child I was ready to re-home/ have her put to sleep. It was breaking my heart and I was really at a loss as what to do next!
    I contacted Victoria from People and Dogs as a last resort and recommended by my vet,  I was a bit sceptical at first thinking scrappy was beyond help and what else could be done to help a seemingly aggressive dog?!! But can honestly now say it was the best thing I could have done.
    Victoria first came to visit us at home, I found her friendly and she instantly put me at ease. She is very knowledgeable, and was honest and truthful from the first visit that it would take a lot of hard work to train Scrappy and improve her behaviour. Scrappy’s main issues were due to a lack of socialisation from a young age, causing fear of dogs/children.   Victoria put a plan in place and after the first lesson I was amazed at Scrappy’s quick progress and how well she could behave around other dogs with the right guidance from Victoria!
    I cannot thank Victoria enough, I was ready to give up and part with Scrappy.... But now I am better equipped Scrappy is quickly becoming the perfect family dog I wanted, she is a million times happier and so am I.  So Thank you Victoria, we would highly recommend you with confidence.

    • Rachel and Scrappy
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    I just wanted to thank you properly for helping me to realise why Muttley had become reactive and aggressive with other dogs. I thought I had spoilt him and he had turned into a bully-boy. You made me realise he was reacting out of fear as I had allowed too much unsupervised boisterous play to get out of hand. Thanks to your advice and guidance he is now a much happier and more confident dog. He is enjoying his walks again and interacting normally with other dogs - even big dogs and young dogs. I never thought I would have my lovely friendly little lad back but I have. I would recommend you to anyone.

    • Helen Jarvis
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    My cocker poo Poppy and I have been to several group training courses with People and Dogs starting with puppy level 1, then 2, fun and functional and more recently scent dectectives workshop with one of the trainers Kat. It's not just about your dogs behaviour its your behaviour towards your dog was one of the most useful things I was taught . Victoria told me I talk to Poppy too much which is why when I ask her too do something she often doesn't, she was completely right as..

    • Michelle
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    Alfie is my 4th dog, but I decided to do the basics in a class with him, just to brush up. I'm so glad I did because dog training (or Victoria's) has come so much further than the training I'd done 15 years ago. Kind (but firm and fair) with positive reinforcement. It really suited my lad and we've done 6 courses in total with People and Dogs. My favourite was Fun and Functional with tidy up and bang bang you're dead. He loves it when his clicker comes out and it is time to train. I've also found feeding Alfie using his kong and kibble for training has been great in the recent weather and hiding food in the garden gives him something to do as welll. Weather allowing his favourite thing though is the flirt pole you introduced him to We need some more classes at Handsworth Victoria, there are great grounds there in the summer.

    • Helen Mansfield
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    Last year we took our dog, Larry, to People and Dogs for their puppy classes. We ended up going on three of their courses and both us and Larry absolutely loved them! We still miss going to them now. We received so much support and amazing tips which we would have never got, or even thought of, if we didn't attend Victoria's classes. Larry has a tendency to be a shy dog but going to the classes for several months as a puppy helped his confidence enormously. We can't thank People and Dogs enough and would recommend them to anyone looking for classes for their dog of any age.

    • Meghan Lilleyman
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    We came across People and Dogs when we were at our wits end with our dog reactive rescue staffy. Working with Victoria has taken Alf from kicking off at fifty yards with a toy stooge dog to being able to walk and visit places with care. Alf is much calmer and as a result so are we. You don't get a quick fix and a spade is called a spade but the results speak for themselves. Thank you People and Dogs.

    • Nigel Richards
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    Brought my Daisy Dog for puppy training and is now doing junior skills. Vicky and the team have taught me a lot on how I can train my pooch. Vicky is so knowledgeable, gentle, kind and patient. She gives each dog time and makes me as the owner not feel daft when I don’t get it. Would and have recommended People and Dogs

    • Clare Siddons Scholey
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    We had one to one puppy training with Shirley, a behavioural session with Victoria and attended 10 training classes. A fantastic experience from start to finish. It made a huge difference to our understanding of the lovely George, our rather wilful but wonderful golden retriever.

    • Lorraine Doxey
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    We took our Cockapoo Dougie to puppy skills training which was fantastic. As new dog owners the training Victoria gave us was brilliant too. We had a second puppy and unfortunately moved out of the area so used a different trainer. In comparison, Victoria’s knowledge and training methods are far more superior . I would have no hesitation in recommending Victoria and her team.

    • Julie Birtwistle
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    The best in Sheffield. Victoria is our go to behaviourist at Rain Rescue - she has always been there to help us with realistic, kind and helpful solutions to problems we have faced.

    • Lauren Sanderson
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    We contacted Victoria for some help with our whippet Nimbus, who at around 18 months old was becoming increasingly nervous of some other dogs. This had on a couple of occasions resulted in him acting aggressively when on the lead, which was upsetting for him and a source of a lot of stress for me. From the beginning, Victoria inspired confidence. She was understanding and reassuring, and very quick to tailor her training to what she observed in our sessions. Over the course

    • Siân Thomas