Are you having some struggles with your dog? Some dogs need a more specialised approach. This might be due to behaviour problems or needing a more tailored training plan. Some owners benefit from more coaching or flexible lesson times due to other commitments. Whatever your needs we can help and support you and your dog with an individual plan of training or behaviour modification. Skype Consultations can be arranged to follow up after behaviour consultation of for those who are too far for us to travel to to help in person.

Classes & Workshops


This comprehensive behaviour and training course is designed for all puppies from around 11 weeks of age and under the age of 20 weeks at the start of the course. We will cover a wide range of life skills and training exercises that will help you puppy to grow up to be a confident canine companion.


This course is designed for puppies and older dogs over 5 months of age. The course is designed for adolescent and adult dogs that have missed out on Puppy Life Skills. We aim to provide positive and fun education for both dog and owner as well as basic ‘Good Manners’ training exercises so that your dog grows up to be a confident and well behaved companion .


The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the UK’s largest pet dog training program. The scheme promotes responsible ownership by teaching owners how to train their dogs for everyday life situations.


Dogs have a highly sensitive nose, vastly superior to our own. Scentwork is a natural behaviour for a dog and essential in hunting and finding prey. As man’s best friend, this behaviour has been put to many uses – for example in police work, search and rescue, and hunting. We run various levels of Scentwork in association with accredited and qualified Scentwork UK trainer Kat Brookman.

Puppy Parenting at home

Do you have a new puppy? Congratulations! You can expect years of fun and joy, but… sometimes it’s not all fun and games Do you need help with the biting, housetraining, temper tantrums, being left alone, excitability, or diet issues? If so, our Puppy Parenting service is tailor made for you. Get off to a good start from day one with our expert guidance on puppy behaviour and training. We can help you to understand, live with, socialise and train your new member of the family.

Preparing for a new baby

Congratulations! You are expecting a baby… what an exciting time. But is your dog as prepared as you are for the changes in his life? Dogs can become stressed and anxious at sudden changes. Obviously, your child’s safety is your priority, but so is your dog’s wellbeing. No one wants to let their dog go when a new baby arrives and there is no need if the dog is well prepared in advance. Let us help you to prepare and train your dog adjust to the changes.

Walk & Train

Do you have a busy lifestyle? Do you have mobility issues? Don’t have time to do much training? Why not let us exercise and train your dog for you? We can design a training plan suited for you and your dogs needs and then coach you on how to maintain the training.

Reactive Rover Rehabilitation

Some dogs are scared and anxious. Some dogs are sensitive or pessimistic and need more time and space to learn new behaviours. Sone owners have lost their confidence. Victoria has many years experience in dealing with dogs with anxiety. She has a high success rate at reducing reactivity in dogs using a specialised plan of training. She will gently guide and mentor you through this difficult time.

We also run a Feisty Fido and Reactive Rover support group on Facebook and group training sessions for those owners who have completed our 1-1 program.


We run a variety of fun and advanced follow on courses. Including Tricks, Helping Hounds (assistance dogs exercises) Focus and Self Control, Loose Lead Walking and Recall courses, Scentwork and much more. If you have done basic training with us or other trainers and want to learn more skills and have fun with your dog, these courses are for you.

Training Ethics

Our methods are KIND, FUN and FEAR FREE!

We use positive reinforcement with a strong emphasis on animal welfare combined with in depth and underpinning knowledge of canine behaviour and training.

We do not condone or use physical corrections or aversive equipment such as choke chains, prong collars, rattle cans or slip leads. Our classes and 1-1 lessons are fun, informal and enjoyable for you and your dog. We are proud members of several professional organisations that represent Force and Fear Free Trainers and we aim to teach you to understand your dog’s behaviour so that you can build a trusting cooperative relationship.
Our motto is “Train me – don’t blame me!”