Pawsome Puppy Socials

Join us at our Pawsome Puppy Social groups!

Each month we hold group sessions for you and your puppies to socialise and learn new skills in addition to your Life Skills courses. You and your puppy will learn lots of new things at these workshops, including;

  • Puppy’s body language,
  • How to get their attention away from a distraction
  • How to recognise appropriate doggy play and interactions
  • How to build your puppy’s confidence using games, scent work and exploration.
  • And if you are waiting for your Life Skills course to start this is a good opportunity to start some early socialisation and learning.
  • Have fun with your puppy, seek support and meet other puppy parents



Loose Lead Walking

Achy arm? Does your dog pull on the lead? Are you fed up with the constant battle? Is your dog’s attention everywhere but on you? Do you avoid lead-walks for these reasons?

This course is suitable for dogs and puppies who completed Life Skills Puppy/Junior Course or Polite Puppy Zoom classes

This 1.5-hour long intensive workshop held on our training fields will show you how to create good lead walking habits so you can enjoy walking with your dog again. Going back to the very basic principles of loose lead walking, and progressing to walking politely past obstacles and distractions, we will explain how your body language affects your dog, how reward schedules work and what the different lead positions mean. We will show you how to keep your dog’s attention focused on you throughout your walk so you are walking with your dog instead of just being the anchor on the other end of the lead.


Recall Workshop

Does your dog become selectively deaf when you call him? Are you embarrassed when you have to collect your dog because he is playing with his new friend? Do you keep your dog on a lead because you are scared he won’t come back?


How would it feel to call your dog and have him race straight back to you?

This intensive recall workshop is for dogs of all ages. Going back to basics, we will take you through focus and engagement, name response, targets, recall cue, rewards, games and the values of each, securing your dog, body language and hand signals and distractions. We will increase your value in the eyes of your dog so that your call will be something they look forward to.



What Our Students Say

We took our Cockapoo Dougie to Life Skills Puppy training which was fantastic. As new dog owners, the training Victoria gave us was brilliant too. We had a second puppy and unfortunately moved out of the area so used a different trainer. In comparison, Victoria’s knowledge and training methods are far more superior.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Victoria and her team.


Julie Birtwistle

Dougie – Cockapoo

A friend recommended People & Dogs, and I reluctantly contacted them – it was very much a last resort. That was 6 months ago, and now Poppy walks beautifully on a loose lead, never, ever pulling. Her recall is now 100% consistent. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t happen overnight, and it required effort and commitment from me, but it has been totally worth it, and worth every penny.


Miss K Tute, Sheffield

Poppy – Golden Retriever

People & Dogs

We only use kind, effective, reward-based training techniques and
do not advocate the use of any methods that inflict pain or fear.

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People & Dogs

We only use kind, effective, reward-based training techniques and
do not advocate the use of any methods that inflict pain or fear.

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